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New MOD + Random Pics of Me, OLD and NEW

I now appoint mikazukihime to be a new mod, I think I did anyway. I'm stupid, it takes me a while to figure out Livejournal stuff. Why am I having a new MOD with a meezly 3 members, and watched by one random member... I don't know.

I am pretending to read "Boys Rush". >_<'... Oh yah, my eyes were dyed at the time, which can explain why they look orangey here... although, they were really blonde eyebrows, I used to color them in with marker (brown or black) sometimes... because I get too many stares.

I remember one time in gym... I was sweating, and this girl was like "your eyebrows are... melting, are you wearing make-up?!"... XD.

 I look so... uniformed here.

You can't see my face, but... yah, I love that shirt.

I loved this shirt too, until it got some stpid softener stains on it... so I wear it less now.



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